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cloudways vs digitalocean

If you are wondering which one is the best web hosting among Cloudways vs DigitalOcean. You have come to the right place. here we are going to discuss which one is the best web hosting. and also will tell you how you can get the Cloudways discount offer.

Selecting the right web hosting is the most difficult task in blogging. It becomes very difficult if you are new in blogging. So we have compared the two most reliable and best cloud hosting for WordPress. We are going to compare their basic hosting prices and features in hosting packages.

cloudways vs digitalocean


Cloudways is the most reliable and affordable cloud hosting service. Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting that sets you free from any technical work of servers. Those who don’t have time look at servers and manage it themselves for them Cloudways is the option.

Cloudways is the most affordable cloud hosting with great services. Their servers are very powerful that runs on SSD drives and implements the CDN system. The speed of the server is so fast that anyone from any country can access the data within seconds. The fast speed helps to increase the user experience of the readers.

The enhanced user experience will attract the reader to come back on your blog. so your blog will form a strong connection with the readers and get success in blogging.

Cloudways Key Features

1. Free Site Migration

Tired of paying migration fee on web hosting. so Cloudways offers free site migration. it helps bloggers to move their blog to Cloudways hosting for absolutely free. User has the opportunity to save a lot of money on an additional cost.

2. CloudwaysCDN

CDN system is offered for free with every hosting plan. It is very simple to connect with the blog and boost it. so when large traffic drives to the blog, then it can be easily handled without crashing.

It helps the server to manage the blog traffic and make it faster. The reader from any part of the world can access the blog in seconds. So they don’t have to wait for blog loading. The most important thing that CDN helps is to keep less stress on the server.

3. Free SSL

If you have a new blog then you must have an SSL on it and fortunately WPX Hosting is offering FREE SSL. The SSL certificate plays an important role in gaining user’s trust. The SSL certificate helps the readers to know that surfing on this blog is safe. Otherwise, no one will come to the blog because of security issues.

On the other hand, SSL gives a slight boost to the new blogs in the search results. It is better to have something than nothing.

4. Customer Support

Cloudways customer support is the best service you can have. Whenever you will be stuck somewhere then you can solve it with the support. The support service is available 24/7/365 days. So you can reach them anytime you want via phone call, email and live chat.

The basic plan of Cloudways cost is 10$/month with 14 days free trial and 30 days money back offer.


DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting with scalable and powerful services. DigitalOcean provides cloud service to its customers from 12 different data centers. These data centers are located in 12 locations in the world. So customers can easily host their blog on DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean is designed for developers. It is very easy to launch a blog on DigitalOcean and scales it with powerful services. The services include monitoring and alert system, team accounts and more.

DigitalOcean Features

1. 99.99% Uptime

DigitalOcean guarantees 99.99% of server uptime. Their servers are less likely to go down. So the blog is available all the time. If in any case, the service will be unavailable .then they will credit you for the amount of time service was unavailable.

2. Team Accounts

If you are a group or company, then with team accounts managing services becomes very simple and productive. You can easily collaborate with others in DigitalOcean. So you don’t have to share credentials and delicate information.

3. Monitoring & Alerts

for developers and bloggers, it is a good feature. Because it provides a detailed matric of the performance of the server. If any kind of issues occurs in the system then it will notify you via email.

4. Firewalls

Firewalls are very important for protection against hackers. Through firewalls only, the defined and safe modules will only pass. It will keep all the malicious services entering into the system. So all the sensitive data can be kept safe and form a secure infrastructure.

5. 24/7/365 Support

When you will start working with anything new, then you will be stuck somewhere most of the time. So to get out of situations you need a good support service. DigitalOcean has the best support service that is available 24/7 and 365 days. That means you can get in touch with the support team anytime anywhere.

DigitalOcean’s basic plan starts with 5$/month.

Cloudways Vs DigitalOcean

We have seen details of both top cloud hosting service providers. both cloud hosting favors different markets. Cloudways is a simple managed cloud hosting that is automated servers. Their servers heal automatically whenever any issues occur in the system. 

Cloudways is best for those who don’t want to dive into technical and developing aspects of the website. it is best for hosting a website without any complicated stuff like managing and deploying. Their user interface is very simple and easy to use with good services.

While on the other hand, DigitalOcean is best suitable for developers. They provide services that need technical knowledge. If you want to deploy an application or any web app then Digitalocean is the best cloud hosting. it is not for bloggers with no technical knowledge.

So, if you are looking for web hosting to host a simple blog and run without any complicate kinds of stuff then go with Cloudways. You can get good Cloudways discounts through the Cloudways discount coupons.

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