Local SEO Top 5 Tips


Now obviously there are many more than just 5 top tips when organising your local SEO strategy but I’m trying to be as concise as possible and speed up the setup process.


1. Onsite optimisation.

We could probably talk about this all day long but the most important aspect is unique relevant content and when I say unique, I do not mean spun. It is vital that your content is unique as this is one of the fundamental Google algorithms. If your content isn’t unique you will suffer as a result. spend some time creating unique content. Research whatever subject matter you are looking for, several different articles on the same subject until you yourself become a authority in that particular area. You will then be able to write a unique article yourself. You also need to ensure your meta tags and descriptions, page titles are all written in unique content style. You should also make sure each page has a unique, and relevant optimized H1. Up until this point the above is all actually relevant to any SEO regardless of geography.

Local SEO optimized sites should have the name of your target area within your H1, also your meta descriptions should contain your target area. You should check all of your upload images and ensure the alt text has relevant information along with your target area. Finally you should check out Schema.org mark up and ensure your nap is correct when using this facility.


2. Citations

Citations are incredibly important when setting up your Local SEO strategy. A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number otherwise known as a NAP. Google favours citations or NAPS when ranking for local SEO. There are many companies that specialise in obtaining citations, the best is probably www.whitespark.ca however if you are on a budget, which most of us are, you can simply search Google with your main competitors names and there street name in quotations and you will easily identify which citations you should go after. This is a very time consuming and incredibly boring task, but it can be done manually.


3. Backlinks.

If you have done any prior work with regard to SEO or Local SEO you should by now know that backlinks are the most important factor when it comes to Google search rankings and authority. This can be a mine field, my advice is to buy GSA search ranker, worth every penny.


4. Social Media.

In 2015 you should know that social media is becoming more and more important, it is a bare minimum requisite these days to have at least a Facebook page, Google+ (extremely important, Google favours its own family), Twitter account, Pinterest. There are many more out there but these are the bare minimum. Set them up and link them to your website posts, so they are all updated regularly.


5. Home Page Optimization.

Probably the most common fault with new websites is the fact that the home page never has enough important information. Its great having a slideshow and some exciting images but don’t forget the content. You must try and stand out from the crowd. Tell your story, or something about your community, make it interesting and more importantly ultra unique.


Just summarize stick to these 5 pointers and you will not go far wrong.

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