Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Fast tracking a new website is an art in itself but here are some insider tricks and tips to achieve local superiority on your geographical search engines. Our target is Wirral Web Design.

local seo

The first thing you must not forget to do is write at least 5 completely unique articles in your area of expertise or as our friends from across the pond say in your “niche!”

This will not only help locally but generally with organic SEO.

The next step is to build citations or naps with local directories in your target region. The best free way to find them is to look at your main local competitors. Search their company name followed by their street or building name in quotes, and you will be able to find all their citations, this does take time and it is a boring task but essential you really need about 50. So once you have covered one competitor, go to the next and then the next, and so on until you have at least 50.

Following this boring task you then need to target backlinks. Quality is always better than quantity. One PR5 backlink is worth 20 x PR1. The other thing to remember is you want to target relevant websites for your backlinks or Web 2.0s. Buying 100 all at once is also a mistake you should try and legitimately obtain 2 or 3 good quality, relevant backlinks each week, and then every week for a month maybe 2 depending how your ranking is going. Backlinks is a whole different area and probably needs an article or 2 of its own to cover in much more detail. It is so very important in website development and local SEO.

Once you have all your backlinks in place you will need to tell the search engines the backlinks exist. This is called indexing. There are many indexing packages, I recommend “Indexification” or If you have access to Srapebox then you can use there add on Scrapebox rapid indexer – you will need to Google “Scrapebox Rapid Indexer list” initially to install the latest list, then simply add the websites you are promoting apply and start.

The final procedure you need to concentrate on for local seo is building private blog network links or PBN’s this can be very productive and has been for Wirral Web Design. Again this is a strategy you should use sparingly and possibly drip feed 1 or 2 through every week, until you start seeing results. There are a few critical pointers to bear in mind. Firstly do not use the same host for more than 5 of your blogs, you must spread them around or they will actually become counter productive. The other shortcut, which can be expensive is buying old domain names, in your niche, with a good PR, normally 4 or above, if you can afford this method it will accelerate your rankings considerably and again has helped Web Design Wirral with their complex local SEO strategy.

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