5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Building a Local Website.

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Avoid the following typical and frequent flaws when designing and building a local business website.

1. Please do not make the oversight of imagining your potential clients actually know what they want!

My fellow directors and I attended a presentation some time back in Manchester with a large car dealership. The dealer web designer was convinced there was no need for any actual content on their ultra expensive website as he believed potential customers only visited their site as a result of a specific Google search, which included specifics of the make and model, the year of manufacture. This is very naive notion and entirely incorrect.

Please never fall into this trap. Your main thought process should be always thinking about developing a fantastic website with ultra unique content – not spun content. The second thought you should have is to create a excellent user experience, where they will always want to come back.


2. Never simply concentrate on promoting your own company / organisation / brand / name.

Many websites tend to focus specifically focus on their own brand or company name. You really are kind of missing the point here. If you were to sit back and ponder this for 5 minutes, you would quickly realise your brand or company name is more often than not unique to you! It really is pointless optimizing your own unique name.


3. Similarly to above you really should not just focus on the items, products or services in which you sell.

Obviously the main reason you have a website is, in most cases to sell something or promote something but you really need to differentiate from your competitors. You need to stand out from the crowd, talk about your journey and how you arrived where you are today, your life experiences and hobbies.


4. Before you even think about your domain name – research, research, research.

Particularly for local SEO and ranking you should check out this 2014 local search ranking factors from moz.com.

Many people have already half built their website and spent many hours optimizing their site when the penny drops and they realise the domain name needs to incorporate your city or county.


5. The most common mistake made when websites are built is “neglecting your home page”.

Please above all else do not neglect your home page. Images and slideshows are great but the most important aspect with Google and visitors is important unique content. Sell your business. If you don’t you are missing a huge opportunity to boost your rankings.


Just to summarize please keep this list in mind particularly when you are working on your Local SEO. There are many aspects to consider but please prioritise and follow the guidelines above and you will at lease be starting off on the right footing.

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